MYSO Jazz Studies:

Written by Barry Oosterwaal on .

Jazz Finale Concert!  Awesome new location!
Sunday, May 15 at Stubby’s Pub and Grub

This year’s Jazz Finale performance will be held Sunday, May 15 4:00 PM, at Stubby’s Pub and Grub located at 2060 North Humboldt Avenue in Milwaukee.  Performance is free to the public although a $5 donation (or more ;) ) is encouraged at the door. 

Sprecher Brewing Company is also donating a portion of the evening’s proceeds to MYSO, so come hungry and thirsty!  Bring family, friends and neighbors!  Check out our facebook page which has an invitation on it, so you can invite your friends and family ;) 

All eight combos will be participating including our Latin combo.

  • Cornerstone—Dean Lea
  • Effect—Doug Syme
  • Son—Jeno Somlai
  • Connection—Ethan Bender
  • Outlook—Jason Goldsmith
  • BJQ—Ethan Bender
  • Summit—Chris Mell/Jason Goldsmith
  • Template—Neil Davis

Come have a "beverage" and grab some awesome food, and come support the young future jazzers.